“Parks and Recreation,” “The Office,” “Up All Night,” “Whitney” renewed by NBC

The continuing bureaucratic adventures of Leslie Knope, as well as the paper-pushing antics of Dunder Mifflin, will be continuing for another season.

NBC has renewed “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” for a fifth season. Additionally, freshman sitcoms “Up All Night” and “Whitney” will be returning. While all shows were expected to receive renewals, only “The Office” seemed to be a sure thing.

“Parks and Recreation,” starring Amy Poehler as perky Parks and Rec. employee Leslie Knope, has been a cult favorite since its release, where it was seen as a government-based counterpart to “The Office,” with which it shares a producer (Greg Daniels). Its ratings have been fair but nowhere near as robust as its spiritual predecessor, meaning that every renewal has been seen as a victory.

“Up All Night,” starring Will Arnett (Poehler’s real-life husband) and Christina Applegate as new parents, was somewhat more of a toss up. Nonetheless, it will run at least one more season.

“Whitney,” a sitcom created by and starring comedian Whitney Cummings, managed fair ratings despite an intense critical drubbing.

As for “The Office,” word leaked yesterday that several of its stars worked out deals to return, which had virtually guaranteed its renewal to any that might have been worried.