David Ayer

Film critic James Frazier reviews David Ayer's "Bright," starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, now streaming on Netflix.

Review: “Bright”

“Bright” is ostensibly a police thriller set in a world where magic exists, but it comes with a clever thought under its high-concept premise: what does racism mean in a world where sentient creatures are literally of different species? Humans of different skin colors would seem pretty unremarkable to even the most virulent racist when […]

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Review: “Sabotage”

Last year, writing about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s then-latest film, I wrote, “‘The Last Stand’ isn’t an action movie, a comedy, a crime thriller, or a Western. It’s an Arnold, the smallest genre in cinema. Arnold Schwarzenegger is arguably the only post-silent era actor whose participation mandates that a film be thought of as something other than

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Review: “End of Watch”

“End of Watch” is a superlative cop film by way of the war movie. That’s not an exaggeration, as its two protagonists, beat officers in the worst part of Los Angeles, patrol an area that seems just about as foreign and violent to most Americans as Afghanistan. The movie departs from the cop genre of

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Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in action-thriller from Training Day writer David Ayer

He’ll be back, all right. Despite speculation that his marriage-imperiling love-child with a nanny might put the kibosh on his post-Governorship return to Hollywood, 64-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger has lined up quite a list of upcoming projects. In addition to four others already in the works, it was announced today that Schwarzenegger would star in Ten, an action-thriller

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