Harrison Ford

Review: “The Expendables 3”

It took three tries, but Sylvester Stallone has finally done the unfortunate; he has turned his “Expendables” franchise into the lame, pandering celebrity parade that people thought the original would be. Though far from deep, the first two “Expendables” movies were superior genre flicks that wisely traded on their litany of brawny actors’ iconographies to

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Review: “42”

If we are to accept that “42,” a Hollywood-financed Jackie Robinson biopic, was going to be manipulative no matter the talent involved—which is to say, dramatized to the hilt, with constant reminders (swooning musical score, over-the-top dialogue) that the sociopolitical stakes of each scene are higher than Cheech and Chong—then this Brian Helgeland-directed film is

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“Raiders of the Lost Ark” returning to theaters… in IMAX!

It’s been a big season for Steven Spielberg fans. Not only does the director’s famed “Jaws” drop today on a beautifully restored Blu-Ray, but now comes news that perhaps his most beloved work of all-time, the Indiana Jones adventure “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” will play IMAX theaters on September 7 to celebrate/promote its own

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