“Touch” renewed, “Alcatraz” cancelled

Fox has spoken, and one low-rated drama has received a reprieve, while another takes the long walk.

“Touch,” starring Kiefer Sutherland and from “Heroes” creator Tim Kring, has been given a second season. The heavily-promoted series stars Sutherland as the father of an autistic child who has the ability to anticipate events through reading numbers. Although it received modest praise from critics and ratings below Sutherland’s hit “24,” Fox is giving it another go.

Not so lucky is J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi mystery “Alcatraz,” which has been cancelled after 13 episodes. The head-scratching thriller never caught on the way that Abrams’ “Lost” did, and will be sent to the network graveyard.

No word yet on the fate of “The Finder,” another Fox drama with an uncertain future. Fans were recently delighted to see the survival of “Fringe,” a cult favorite, while the pricey dinosaur sci-fi series “Terra Nova” was buried due to unsatisfactory ratings.

Update: “The Finder” has also been cancelled.

Source: EW