James Frazier

James Frazier is a freelance journalist and film critic. He has written for various newspapers and websites, including the Washington Times. James resides in the Midwest and can be reached at james@criticspeak.com.

Review: “America” (2014)

“America” is conservative author Dinesh D’Souza and filmmaker John Sullivan’s de facto sequel to “2016: Obama’s America,” their hit 2012 political film that became the second-highest grossing documentary of all-time but failed to thwart the president’s reelection. If that movie’s objective (other than profit, of course) was to unseat a sitting president, this one aims for something […]

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Review: “Edge of Tomorrow”

“Edge of Tomorrow” could (half-) jokingly be titled “Groundhogs and Aliens,” but that doesn’t mean one should take it lightly. Tom Cruise’s latest would-be blockbuster is the kind of summer movie we need more of but see progressively less of, an elaborate actioner with a brain that combines its special effects with a story that

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Review: “Sabotage”

Last year, writing about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s then-latest film, I wrote, “‘The Last Stand’ isn’t an action movie, a comedy, a crime thriller, or a Western. It’s an Arnold, the smallest genre in cinema. Arnold Schwarzenegger is arguably the only post-silent era actor whose participation mandates that a film be thought of as something other than

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review of the film Lone Survivor

Review: “Lone Survivor”

Peter Berg’s “Lone Survivor” is an interesting war film in that it celebrates America’s elite warriors while also demythologizing them. As much as some critics have questioned the film’s often jingoistic tone, they also often neglect to recognize that with its celebration of its heroes comes a depiction of their frailties. After Berg takes the

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Review: “Escape Plan”

“Escape Plan” is the first film to feature both A-list ’80s action gods, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, in starring roles. Forget the action-fantasy “The Expendables” and its sequel; those were Stallone’s films. Here, the two share top billing and a nearly equal amount of screen time. And it’s with that shared time one can

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